Bobby Grove is known as one of the most gifted, anointed singers of Gospel music in the land today. He started his singing career while in the army by touring with an all soldier show singing Country Music. While on tour he met Country Music legend Roy Acuff who invited Bobby to come to Nashville, Tenn. After a short stay in Nashville, Bobby was invited to be a regular on the WLS National Barn Dance in Chicago, Ill. Bobby was then contacted by another Country Music legend Red Foley to come and sing on the National weekly television show called the Ozark Jubilee.

Bobby appeared with such stars as Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins, George Jones, Ray Price, Ferlin Husky, Cowboy Copas, Roy Acuff, Red Foley, Faron Young, Webb Peirce, Brenda Lee, Homer and Jethro, and many, many others. Bobby’s recording career was taking off with his country records being listed with “pick hits” in magazines like the Billboard until he came down sick with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

By now Bobby had married the love of his life Fayette Boggs and they had one child, Bobby Jr. Because of his illness and his inability to work, they lost everything they had. In desperation Bobby took a job in a night club called the Snake Pit. After being trapped in that “hell hole” for about three years singing five hours a night, seven days a week, with all hope gone, a miracle happened. One night as Bobby was getting ready to perform a young man came into the night club with a Bible in his hand and asked the owner “can I speak to these men about their souls”. The young man was thrown out of the place but the Spirit of God had touched the heart of Bobby Grove. Bobby went ahead and worked that night but after closing time Bobby found his way to a preachers house and at about four o’clock in the morning Bobby gave his heart to God.

The next day Bobby went back to the Snake Pit and quit his job. He was told that he’d starve to death because he didn’t know how to do anything but sing country songs and he couldn’t do that in Church. By this time Bobby and Faye had four sons. Bobby Jr., Jack, Danny, and Jeff. Bobby worked at any kind of job that he could find which meant that pay checks were small and sometimes far between but Faye went to work and carried the bulk of the load until another miracle happened. God healed Bobby. By now Bobby was beginning to get all kinds of offers to get back into the music business but he decided that he had rather live for God even if it meant that he had to give up the music that he loved so he turned the offers down. Then God began to move for Bobby in a very special way.

The Oak Ridge Boys came to town for a concert and Bobby was invited to be on the show. That night Bobby realized that there was a place in the Church for his kind of music. He contacted some of his musician friends and they agreed to help Bobby record his first album. He had no money to pay for the studio time or to have any of the albums pressed but the King recording studio was so impressed with his album that they agreed to pay the musicians, the studio time, and to give Bobby one thousand albums for him to sell in his singing engagements. This started a journey where Bobby Grove became a legend in his own right. He has recorded over fifty albums and is probably the only gospel singer to have his own record club where hundreds of thousand have been blessed by his anointed singing.

Bobby traveled the country for years in his large gospel tent and won thousands of souls to God. His “pure country voice” singing under the anointing of the Spirit of God has brought many a sinner to an altar of prayer. You are in for a real treat if you like the “Country Sound” of Gospel Music because nobody does it quite like Bobby Grove.


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